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10 packaging trends that will attract consumer

People are sick of ordinary advertising. Let’s face it, most ads today do not work or, at best, do not produce. Marketing therefore requires other methods to transfer the value of the product to the consumer. Custom Cardboard Boxes is meant to be obvious and worthwhile for this purpose. The point is that if nobody chooses your product, it will never buy it. This is where the packaging deals as an advertisement. How can the product communicate with the consumer at the beginning? This packet is your silence, and its best that the message be sent to the right audience – no matter which product is inside. Everything is about the package (or should be) and buy it and why it is purchased.

Conscious and consumer education is a continuous business. Consumer preferences can change in hide. When it comes to product packaging, it’s important to understand your mind after taking consumer decisions. Each year, the new trend moves to the foreground. However, while some are here, others will remain on the move as they arrive. Some trends are mainstream in all industries, ethnicities and generations. The process has the power to use them wisely and earn rewards. Here are ten packaging processes that will have an impact on the consumer’s consumption of their products.

The Trend – Alpha Woman.

He is the main buyer and 80% of the time the decision maker. Companies are finally tired of wallet power. He has his primary goals no matter what his age. Fortunately, we went to San Pinc, where marketers believed that anything pink would be sold. At the moment, companies are looking for what women really want and not just what advertisers want. There is a new generation of pink packaging products, but the color is now used in such a way as to be reasonable. It’s not just because marketers find it feminine.

What to look and do:

Solve your problems. He works too much, too much, time-lapse, multitasking and in a hurry. Provide your solution. Most of all, it’s easy to make purchasing decisions with simple and almost non-threatening instructions. Fix these needs and win the pack.

Trend – Baby Got Baling.

Luxury market is on the rise. Consumers tend to pay a premium, whether the designer has bottled water bottles or animal care products. Nothing is a wall in the luxury market. If it is packed properly, it will blur the customer’s interests. Consumers are looking for a unique product that they just have to own. A good example is the recent introduction of vinyl bags. It came from light bags used to display cosmetics for airport security. At the moment, consumers are spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Will it continue? But who knows, some designers pay serious money.

What to look and do:

Trade available in existing products. Transfer them from the main categories to the luxury market. The more luxurious packaging makes them look special. The middle of the road packaging market is reduced. People either by buying or paying a premium to meet the needs.

Flip Trend – Brand.

Forget about brand loyalty. Those days have gone. Marketers spend big money trying to ensure product commitment, but consumers are buying loyalty and trying to buy new products. One of the things that guides this trend is the growth of private labels. According to the poll, 41% of shoppers say they are “frequent buyers” of the store brands, which is 36 percent from five years ago. When the product looks as good and works as well as branded products, consumers are eager to have an opportunity. If their needs are met, the odds are that they will never go back.

What to look and do:

There are plenty of opportunities in private packages that go beyond the traditional categories. Look at the growth of the tea industry. Almost every imaginable tea on the market today is growing and this market is growing. Consider how you can create an existing product and create something that consumers tend to have.

Trend – BOOM.

Who will be the largest population to be gathered in the future? 50+ generation. The numbers are amazing and still going on. Get these TRUST customers and you’ll keep your purchasing power for 25 years. So why do not we pack for this product? Many older issues are similar to other consumers, they just need more: easy to open, easy to read, easy to set up or store.

What to look and do:

Do not overlook ways to improve existing product packaging: larger type, ergonomic capabilities, or even products that are more comfortable on it. I’m amazed at the lack of innovation in these categories. When we preferred Flex Pack Conference on friendly product concepts, many readers came up with great ideas about how to serve the market.

Trend – Green wash me.

Everything is about “green” or lacking it. This time, I think this is the last hope. Consumers are bombarded with messages about the environment. We are all media creatures, and media like everything “green.” You may not realize that consumers are in the third wave of environmental awareness. Two of these two post-reality influencers are set to be made by consumers as “green.” But retail drivers such as Wal-Mart and Tesco are quickly kept in sandy lines. Established standards and attempts to implement it, redirect green initiatives through the entire retail network. Consumers are facing a collapse in the face of “green” information where a real mission or political agenda is on the verge of collapse. In addition, the packaging of products with environmentally friendly materials is investigated.

What to look and do
Explore ways to “green out” your product packaging. Do these environmental friendly options, environmental resins, bio films, recyclable, consumer wastes or anything else for your business, check these options in your product packaging. Beware of the so-called “eco-packaging” just to get the process. Consumers are seeing this earthquake.

Trend – Change it.

Personalization or customization is hot. Consumers want their own unique products. Treat them especially as well as just one of the masses. Feel them to understand your needs. It offers ways to expand your brand loyalty through a product that’s already comfortable with it.

What to look and do

given the fact that you do not give the consumer the personalization of your favorite products, ignore the ways to ignore it. Many big marketers are now jumping on this wybunon. Catsup personal, cereals and candy are a few examples. Ask how to create a personal link with this consumer through product packaging.

Trend – WOM – Word marketing word.

Are you satisfied with the consumer? How can you convince them to pass the word to other potential customers? The key is to create a buzz about your product that is very strong and the consumer should tell someone about it.

What to look and do

How can you turn a customer into a think tank for your product? Instead of loyalty and support, give them a special offer. Provide other products made by your company. Set up a reward program. Do not leave just a few cents. It does not do anything to give real value to the customer, not necessarily money.

Trend – knows your nose.

The smell is one of the few sensory uses in product packaging. It’s changing. Companies know ways to “connect” to consumers through smell. Look at the success of the “Chocolate Phone” version (including Coca Fragrance) to look at product marketing. Sustainable growth of perfume marketing is more than a smell; it is a way to reach consumers through a sensational relationship.

What to look and do

Integrate the smell into your product package. Not only is perfume, but also the smell that embraces the concept of marketing. Look for continuous advancements in packaging that add the smell of the product.

Chinese transit?

I recently read a vague record. China is currently the largest packaging market in the world. This increases as opposed to usable revenue and demand for increasing consumer goods as revenue. In the US we are already well-versed in Spanish-American consumer marketing. Almost every bilingual product is bilingual, but what about non-US markets? We are no longer the main player. No matter, we forget the globalization of consumer packaging. Your product may eventually be delivered to the consumer worldwide

What to look and do
Think about the world Think about the customers from all countries; not only the manufacturing country. Make sure you also look at cultural influences. What works for a product packaging in a country may not work on another.

Downgrade trend Orange code.

Consumers are worried about recalling new e-coli and salmonella products. What consumers are doing from what they are buying, how it is processed, and where it comes from? Most importantly, they ask their security through the distribution channel.

What to look and do:

Pay attention to packaging innovations that can track, record, and provide product or security integrity. Look for devices that consumers, not just manufacturers, can understand. For example, tags that change colors when a product is expired or infected. This helps consumers to not buy a particular product.

A negative trend that I should mention – I need a change.

Why? Why not ruin it? Consumers are tired of the products they love, but they cannot identify the new and improved product packaging. Looking for ways to interact with the consumer with a well-known and trusted product pack.

Considering the trends in their packaging, they predict that the market is moving. You need to understand the process in order to understand how they can affect your business. Have you ever counted how many years have you introduced new products and how many failures? Try. Trend can create a profitable introduction to the product or its pioneering. Make sure you keep your packaging with the consumer and include the packaging process. Wise to the strength of the trend can strengthen its brand loyalty to a highly inefficient and diverse consumer.

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