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Over the years, recyclable paper packaging and sustainable practices are dealt with in almost all commercial areas, be it B2B or B2C. An efficient and consistent paper package, which also helps reduce waste and environmental degradation, remains one of the most important parts of the successful product life cycle. Think about what kind of paper will lead to soap for success and how it helps to improve the environment.

Let me tell you one of the most important factors in the success of product packaging. Yes, you guessed it right…it’s Kraft paper or Kraft boxes that are best ecological packaging. In addition, we discussed the compression compatibility of Kraft with soap and some other facts.

Increased demand for soap with recycled Kraft packaging

Did you know that recyclable paper packaging can reduce packaging costs by up to 40% in the packaging industry? Due to environmental concerns and increased toxic emissions, environmentally friendly paper packaging is becoming increasingly popular among soap-making industries.
Kraft’s suitability with its soap product

Before choosing a soap box, you should always think about the impressions you leave on your clients’ faces after looking at the soap.
Kraft soap packages deliver the quality of the product accurately to their target customers. Kraft boxes also protect the soap and retain moisture for a long time.

Kraft soap packaging looks so alive and attractive even if you use a simple brown for soap. In short, with the Kraft package more attractive, your sales increase and a significant difference is reflected in your sales sheet. Use Kraft if you are using soap, cosmetics, food, bakery products or any other product.

Kraft boxes are better than plastic stockings, but why?

Kraft’s packaging is biodegradable, so its degradation easily disintegrates the release of toxic substances into the environment and does not affect the quality of its soap product.

Kraft’s environmentally friendly packaging has a recycling capacity of 5-7 times, which is higher than any other material. Plastic containers can destroy the quality of the soaps and will not dissolve quickly and last five to ten years, but Kraft can decompose in one to two weeks.

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