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5 tips to reduce packaging costs in your small business

One size fits all

If you have multiple products of different sizes but fit all shipping categories themselves, you do not need to buy a different box for each item. By buying a one size fund you will get discounts for the quantities you buy. The problem caused by this, is a lot of empty space in most of your parcels. This problem can be easily solved by using a vacuum fill product. This can be bubble wrap, airbags, peanut packing or anything that suits your needs. For small domestic chores, I recommend not using peanuts for packing because they are messy to store and because of their size many of them should be used to fill the small spaces that can be filled with a single air bag. The money that is provided by buying your carton boxes in bulk, even when you add the cost of a vacuum filling product, will be less than buying low quantities of different carton boxes.

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