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Cosmetics packaging: custom or stock

Moving forward in our discussion about cosmetic packaging, you need to decide about custom or stock packaging. As considering our previous article, you are now done with choosing the packaging material, let`s discuss more. Here you need to decide about ordering of packages that could be jars, tubes, bottles or stock. Confused about the difference? Carry on reading:

Custom Packaging VS Stock Packaging

Custom Packaging

If you desire to make your product distinctive among many, custom packaging can help. Custom labeling with silk screening gives complete authority over appearance of the package. While looking at the custom packaging, few considerations are important. There is a minimum limit for ordering custom boxes that could be 20, 30 or up to 10,000 units. While ordering custom boxes, order a sample at first to get sure about the appearance and structuring of the packaging. This is equally important for both small and big orders. As an addition to this critical issue, changes in ingredients, logo or company name will cause reorder to cope up the need of managing desired packaging.

Stock Packaging

It is very easy to order stock packaging. It does not need you to place large orders, though price per unit decreases with increase in number of units. These containers require less time for turnaround and are quick with respect to shipping time. You can easily switch to other suppliers in case of discontinuing from previous one. Customization is still possible with stock containers using own label & logo plus other details.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is important. Customers always want durable products including their packaging. Customers are also inclined towards products that are environment friendly. You can get this thing in few simple ways.

Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable packaging choices include glass, PET, HDPE etc. for encouraging recycling of products by customers, give them options for this purpose. Inform them that they can choose recycling of product plus packaging. That you are accepting old to return them with new replacement. Such incentives with others like discounts etc. will encourage them to recycle as well as to use more of your products. Make sure to tell them the stuff that is recyclable and what is not, such as bottles but not the label.

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