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Types of Packaging Materials & Which One is Best for You

Packaging is the most important component for almost all types of businesses. Custom packaging boxes keep the product safe during shipping and storage. It can also be a source of marketing and sales. Every package has the name of the company or a tag line or a logo that helps in promoting the company.

To get the most reliable material for your product’s packaging and customer experience you need to get the best custom packaging boxes. Getinstaprinting can help you choose the right kind of custom boxes for you.

Plastic custom packaging boxes

Plastic is the most widely used packaging material in industries. It mostly comprises of resin. Resin is advantageous to all packaging companies since it is hard and flexible. It all depends on the contents of the box. Resin is the main material used in the manufacture of soda and egg trays. Although there is a wide range of plastic types that we can use for packaging resin is the most popular among businesses.


Most things that come in cardboard boxes have either foam or bubble wrap. If a specific industry intends to use cardboard as its primary packaging material, it would be much better to use a tape machine to seal the package properly and will not fall out during delivery. These custom packaging boxes also come in custom printing that can include a logo of your company.


Jam, alcoholic beverages, honey, and culinary items like peppers and pickles are usually in glass jars. Despite its fragility, glass creates excellent, well-sealed packaging for perishable goods. To make it easier to recognize the contents of any simple glass jars, label them or use glass transfers.


Foam is less prevalent than other packaging materials, but it is ideal to use to protect a range of household products such as furniture, televisions, glass, and anything else with sharp edges that could puncture cardboard or plastic. Although the foam is the most important part of the packing, the goods packaging is usually in cardboard to keep everything together.

Foil sealed bags

Foil-sealed bags are ideal for coffee and tea packaging that is because it keeps coffee and tea dense which preserve flavor. It also protects them from microorganisms and extends their shelf life. These bags are also ideal for clothing and bedding products. To maintain the fabric tight and secure and prevent the growth of fungus and others the technique entails removing the oxygen from the bag. This preserves nuts, cured meats, spoilage, cereals, salmon, and cheese because they are in foil-wrapped bags.

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