If you’re a small company owner trying to introduce your product, you’ve seen these tremendous Customized Mailer boxes on these well-known Instagram influencers. Planning and executing your mailer boxes is far more challenging than they appear in the photographs. We have written this post to provide you with all the information you require about Custom-made Mailer boxes.

One of the main reasons mailer boxes are one of the most popular packaging styles today is the growth of social media platforms like Instagram, where firms love to display their packaging. With the emergence of influencer marketing, box opening has become a common practice for marketers.


1: Strong yet Stylish 

A Mailer’s power is its best quality, and its structure makes it resilient. Both the style and strongness combined make a majestic product. The box is held together tightly by roll-tuck-in flaps and double corrugated mailer boxes. The package is very lightweight and quite elegant despite its extreme durability. 

2: Perfect for Presentation

The custom kraft mailer boxes look professional when the flap opens and the products are seen. They can present to anyone because they are quite presentable, and having presentable packaging can lead to positive customer retention. 

3: Can be printed on both sides

Companies can add extra information about the brand by printing their boxes on the inside and exterior. We call it inside-out printing, and it is not in use by many brands right now but is coming into trend. You must grab it first to take a step ahead. With the customized packaging, some businesses get inventive by including scannable QR links to their social media accounts, unique messages, discount coupons, and even game creation. All of these things contribute to increasing brand recognition.

4: Saves Cost by Shipping Directly

You won’t have to pay for a shipping box because of its very secure wall, which enables it to keep the merchandise safe during shipping. Custom Printed Mailer Boxes can occasionally offer greater security than a shipping box. However, it fills with bubble roll, and it helps in protecting your product from being damaged. Do you know How many times a package drops while shipping? Around 21 times, it is. Though, you need something that resists those drops. 

5: Can be customized to your requirements

To create quality packaging, precise dimensions are essential. You don’t want your box to be too loose, making it difficult to remove the product, nor do you want it to be too tight. Loose packing presents as unprofessional and harms both the product and the packaging. We may obtain better results from a box of even lower-quality materials if it fits snugly instead of an entire package that includes loosely. Your mailer will be more secure and cost less if you customize it with the dimensions you need.

6: Sustainable Material

Today’s brands have developed a greater sense of responsibility and support for environmentally sustainable operations. Naturally, customized Mailer boxes have become a good option, and these boxes compromise with recycled raw materials, which reduces their carbon footprint. As a company, we have always promoted clean green earth initiatives.

7: Ideal for Marketing

The ideal marketing tools are personalized mailer boxes. An excellent box design may promote a business, convey specific messages, and give customers a fantastic package opening experience. That is what matters, right? Custom printing packaging has grown in importance as influencer marketing has gotten more prevalent. The box-opening expertise gives our customers a peek inside the box, which boosts their level of confidence and leads to an increase in our online conversions.

8: Fewer Storages space

Custom Mailer boxes are made and sent flat, unlike Rigid boxes, which reduces the strain on storage and transit. A tiny room’s corner may accommodate 1,000 boxes, which can be in use  as necessary. 

Types of Customized Mailer boxes

These are some types of mailers that we offer at Get Instant Printing.

White base inside and outside: An adorable box comes in white. It looks fantastic with minimal printing over the box.   

Outside Kraft and inside, white: Two-tone boxes create a surprising effect. Whenever a customer opens the box, they will expect the same color but have a different color.  

Both sides of Kraft: Kraft material is classic; old-school people love this packaging. It is subtle and old-school; people with the classical mindset will love this. Also, it has a subtle look and gives a premium look. 

White outside with inside Kraft: This kind of box is also a surprising packaging that changes the customer’s mind. People love to see this kind of transition in the packaging.  

Final Words

Personalized mailers are getting into trend these days due to their adaptability. You can order them at affordable prices, and they retent less space than the ideal box. What is the purpose of joining the trend when it’s too late? It would be best if you were the first who should be doing this, and we will help you in meeting that trend. 

Why Choose Us?

Get Instant Printing is committed to providing a high-class packaging solution for your brand. Our quality, expertise, flexibility, timeliness, and customer service are up to the mark. We will help you create the ideal product with all the required resources. Contact us anytime to get more info about these bespoke mailers. 

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